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That inner voice that tells you that this is how the world sees you can be terribly damaging in particular if you see yourself in a harsh manner.

The human brain is constantly talking to us in our minds and for many of us it’s negative. All of these negative thoughts boil down to feelings. With these negative feeling constantly creeping into your life in your mind is trapped in a loop. Just like a record skipping those negative feelings never leave you.

Some of the most common negative feeling that destroys a man’s self confidence are:

Looking stupid
Being too fat
Too old
Loser guy
Not having enough money
All these myths are designed to hold you back in life and make you feel like crap. The truth is that these myths have absolutely zero impact on your success with women. In my life 4 of these myths affected me tremendously but the myth of not having money really put the screws in me.

I honestly felt that I needed money and be hugely successful in my job to attract women. I let that myth fester and I used it as an excuse for not putting myself out there and staying home.

I basically served myself a crap sandwich with an extra heaping of shit every time the weekend came by. No wonder why I had self confidence issues! All men with self confidence issue can pin point there issues to one of these myths.

The problem is that it’s how you think about yourself. Again it’s all in your mind yet you already validated that negative feeling by acting on it.

Lets take a moment and kill these myths.

Looking stupid – you feel that if you approach a women and get rejected you will look stupid. It’s how you handle the situation that will ultimately define your success. Just because she said “no” doesn’t mean you should feel stupid. You must be in control your feels and the fear of rejection is what this is all about.

Being too fat – the ultimate body image myth. I know of a personal friend who is 300 lbs and yet married a very good looking women by not allowing the “I’m too fat” voice ever get to him.

Too old – especially affect guys that are in their 40’s 50’s even mid thirties that are singe once again and look at some beautiful younger women and say, “I’m just too old now”. This is simply not true, I’ve seen younger women go after older men (not because they have money) simply because these men showed them a great time. They never used it as a personal limitation rather as an attribute.

Ugly – If you have read any of my articles then you would know that women ultimately don’t judge men based on looks. It’s all about self confidence and the most powerful aphrodisiac for women is HUMOR!

Loser guy – is ultimately how you see yourself. If you have not been successful with women your image of yourself is that of a loser. This one is cruel and most damaging because it makes the sufferer just give up. Albeit you may have had little success in the past you do have the power to change. I was able to do it.

Not having enough money – what a joke. I honestly thought that women only responded to men that were successful and made tons of $$$$. I was so stupid that I didn’t realize then just how foolish this myth is.

We have identified the top 6 myths that kill your self confidence and pieced them apart. Stay tuned for Part II where we improve and tweak your self confidence.

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