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Okay let’s kick off the weekend with a little lesson in not creeping women out. Before you hit your favorite spot to meet women this weekend, I want to help avoid the creep factor. Let’s face it – the absolute worst label any women can put on a man is “creep”. This is probably the kiss of death and once she thinks of you as a creep there is no turning back.

Understand that beautiful women even half decent looking women get male attention all the time and their creep radar is well tuned to behaviors that turn them off.

So what is creepy behavior?

Here is a list of the most common behaviors to avoid around women at all cost.

1) Hovering – basically this is you not having the balls to approach a woman and instead you hover around her staring at her. You think she doesn’t notice but believe SHE DOES! I can’t stress enough how much women hate this so don’t hover and follow her around.

2) Staring – this is overdoing simple eye contact and staring at her like a serial killer. Trust me, it creeps women out to see you looking at her for a long period of time. Here is the problem, you are so freaking obvious it makes her sick. So how much is too much? Eye contact for more than 8 seconds is staring and downright weird.

3) Ass Kissing – Okay you worked up the courage to walk up to a girl and chat her up. You begin to compliment her on everything and buying her drinks. Congratulations now you are the ‘nice guy’ and you know what else? She is actually turned off by it. Never compliment a woman on her looks and never try to buy a woman’s affection.

4) Kino Abuse – Alright kino is powerful tool in attraction but using over using it before you had the chance to establish rapport will actually backfire. Don’t just grab a random girl by the hand or my favorite start massaging her. You will creep her out and you’ll like a fool.

5) Insecurity – This has a lot to do with your self confidence and how it’s reflected outwardly. Do you look around the room nervously? Do you slouch when you sit? Do you speak really fast? You must be emotionally well balanced so you don’t look weird. Problem is that guys who are insecure do these behaviors and not even notice.

Next time you are out with friends take notice your clothing, how you sit, talk and everything else you do. Speak slower, site back and spread out your arms dress clean and neat.

This weekend when you are out with friends examine the room and see of you can spot at least one guy that is displaying any of the above creepy behaviors. Chances are you will find more than one.

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