Lets face the facts here have you ever settled for a woman that was well lets just say fell off every branch of the ugly tree because you though that’s all you could get? When it comes to dating, “having standards” is a powerful trait you can have.

By no means do I suggest that you all of the sudden only date super models or a “10″. You will fall into the trap of then being too intimidated to approach a really beautiful woman. What I want to get across is that you as a man not settle because you think an attractive girl will not give you a chance.

Another self limiting trait holding you back is sticking with the same women even in a bad relationship. You simply have no strength or desire to get out and explore your options with other women.

That my friend is low-self esteem. The hell with that!

The bottom line is that you fear rejection and it’s probably rooted in the fact you perhaps lack experience. I was that guy as well BUT I choose to do something about it.

The fix here is to open yourself up to the dating scene and dive right in. That’s right – DIVE RIGHT IN! If you have been reading this blog and say what a great idea or but never use it, what is the point?

I’m serious why even read my blog? Don’t visit my blog and ignore the post – use it for crying out load!

Its okay to admit that your inner game is weak but you need to make the effort and change your life. After all you only have one shot. I was able to do it and believe me I had some major personal issues to overcome.

If this post sounds like a rant too bad! I want to see more and more guys not continue down the very same path I did.

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